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We take great pride in differentiating ourselves from our competitors. Nothing proves to us that we are on the right track like authentic testimonials from the individuals we work with.

What people are saying:

"If you're in the job market I highly recommend working with Global Management Search. They provide all the necessary resources to help make your interview a success and land the job. Cynthia worked with me on Interview Prep and Presentation. In three short weeks I had a great job offer that I accepted. They are committed to helping you move your career forward!"  - Recent Placement

"As a high-level point-of-sale marketing account executive, I began my search process in the worst of times; smack in the middle of the largest recession our generation has ever seen. Contradicting popular wisdom, I was VERY particular in what I wanted, or more important, what I DID NOT want. The obvious checklist regarding job opportunity, salary, upward mobility, industry type, and location were present, but for me, the type of people I wanted to work with, their character, and their personality took top billing. To make the search even harder, I was not willing to settle for anything I did not love, refused to send my resume to companies I did not like, and wanted to limit my scope of contact to 1-3 companies at any given time. By the way, I refused to work with recruiters who had never worked in the point-of-sale industry as account managers, designers, or directors. Luckily, Cynthia had that industry experience. She was as determined not to "settle" for opportunities as I was.

For her the right fit was as important as the financial pay out she may or may not receive for her efforts. As it turned out, the very first company I interviewed with ended up hiring me. We only sent out two resumes, and both companies extended offers to me within days of each other."

It was extremely hard landing this position. This company is VERY picky. Through it all, Cynthia stuck by me, encouraged me, and ultimately made a connection that addressed every point I had, and a few I did not realize existed. Only somebody with industry experience and a an innate skill for people matching could have made this opportunity possible. I'll never work with any other recruiter! Thanks Cynthia."
- Recent Placement