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You must be able to assure your candidates' of complete confidentiality to attract the best talent.  The same principal holds true for your company.  As an employer, you often don't want your competitors to know that you have an open territory or position.

When you engage us to fill a position, we take every step to safeguard your company's confidentiality. Whether you are seeking to replace an employee that is still in their position or fill a new or open position, we assure you that we will protect the identity of your organization until you decide who you want to interview from our short list of candidates or when it is appropriate to provide this information.

A note on Job Postings relating to Confidentiality:

We post ads on our Global Management Search website and to further our exposure in the market with prospective Clients and Professionals. We will ask for your permission prior to posting a position related to your company. If we post your position, we will not reveal your company information and will maintain the strictest of confidentiality.

Additionally, we NEVER post a position that does not exist.

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